The Atomic Playboy and the Radiation Romeo

The button below will open a new browser window displaying the Flash interface for Atomic and Romeo (Version 16 with Preloader). You will find a page of introductory text, some instructions and then the interface where you can suggest a topic for conversation.

This version 16 uses the landscape layout, updates the heckler and end-of-conversation functions with an audio sign-off. All the features from previous versions remain - scroll bar control,custId variable allows me to better log and track conversations.

The chat-bots are hosted on the Pandorabots server under the Shared Service subscription. Please note, the terms of the Updated Policy Guidelines for Free Community Server state that the “Use of automated scripts to make your pandorabot talk to itself or another bot or script” is proscribed (Pandorabots 2011). This project is being developed with the agreement of the Pandorabots Inc management and we would like to acknowledge their support. ( Pandorabots )

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bot technology ... continued

Today I uploaded a Flash .swf file to a local server (one I normally use for teaching). The file, based on Jamie Durrant's work, is a chatbot interface that talks to a test bot I have running on the Pandorabots site. It appears to be working quite well with none of the security issues I got when trying to run it from a local machine. Speed is the only problem. Occasionally, the response from the Pandorabot site is a little slow... Maybe I could script a 'filler' output to fill out the wait time if it gets too long.

The URL for the test bot is - Talk to Dick at Pandorabots

Have a play and feel free to add a comment.

Summer School report

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be going through my notes from the Summer School and adding some posts about the lecture series content.

Suffice to say, at the moment, this was without a doubt the valuable research related experience of my academic career.